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Water Treatment Books
Water Treatment Books Online

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State-of-the-art handbook of Industrial water supplies.

Rachel ,Germany

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Books on Waste Water Treatment


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Customer Rating : 08/ 10   Based on 57 ratings .

Following are a few reviews that will give you an insight into quality of consultancy (services) provided through material on this site or otherwise:

Your books are must-read for plant operators, and owner- users who are not trained operators, a basic knowledge of the water side of the equipment they are responsible for. Covers cooling towers, hot water boilers, and steam boiler and their associated equipment. Explains such factors as how much water and blowdown are needed in a boiler, calculating the amount of chemical to add and when, scale, corrosion, and algae growth, and methods for dealing with problems.

Kerry Young , NY
It gives reader a solid understanding of water treatment problems and solutions, so you can improve treatment efficiency and communicate more effectively with water treatment specialists and chief engineers. You get technical details of water treatment in a clear, precise, and easy-to-understand manner to help you handle daily concerns. It includes helpful suggestions on how to calculate amounts of chemical to be used
Patrick Rohn , Chief engineer , Singapore
Drawing on the vast experience of the most respected firm in the industry, your book is the first major reference on the science of water treatment in several decades. It covers both the practical and theoretical aspects of water quality analysis, treatment plant operation .
well done
James Allen , Canada
I'm a Environmental Engineer Of water treatment, and have worked only for one year. I am so eager to get the knowledge for this effect. Finally I found the books & various training program on your site ,which are very practical and useful .
Jay Taylor , U.K.
Praveen Verma , the author of "various books on Cooling Water Treatment & Boiler Water Treatment  has written comprehensive reference which is the most practical field guide available on steam and boiler water treatment and cooling water
Mark Gibbs , South Africa
I highly recommend for use of books available on the site to both the non-specialist needing fundamental information for managing boiler and cooling water systems, and for seasoned professionals. It is written for use by professionals worldwide and is not specific to the US market.  

John Miils , USA
Information presented was worth the effort Each chapter is well written, easily to read and understand. This set of books should be in every professional's library that has any responsibility for boiler or cooling  water systems.
David Johnson , Chicago
This book is the only resource that describes and explains in simple, non-mathematical terms the unit processes used to treat Industrial water. Designed to meet the information needs of professionals without an engineering background .
Mooney , China
State-of-the-art handbook of Industrial water supplies.
Rachel ,Germany
Excellent information for new and experienced water treatment plant operators, this text focuses on operations, control procedures information to administrative and technological trends. Numerous real- problem- solving practice sets, allowing readers to integrate theory and practical applications. 
Frank Bell , Russia

"I have done it all and tried it all regarding so many water treatment companies with tall claims and have never found anything like what you teach. It is so true! It made such an impact in my life as a owner of a paper mill that now we actually run our boiler efficiently."
Michael Perog, Entrepreneur

"Your books changed my life! I cannot tell you the difference they have made, especially financially. Thanks to your books I have tripled my income! Its so nice to be able to pay bills and have plenty left over!"
Gary Mitchell
"I have spent thousands of dollars on so called water treatment companies and professional. I have tried it alars on so called water treatment companies and professional. I have tried it all, but still couldn't make things happen the way I wanted to...until I read your book on industrial water. Praveen you provided me with the missing ingredient. Thank you Praveen"
Beverly Down, Lake George NY
"You are an answer to my prayers. Your tapes on water treatment have been a tremendous part of my fast changing life! I have listened to them daily and they are exactly what I needed. Everything else I had tried didn't help me at all... I highly recommend your tapes to everyone."
Sheila Lovel
"Praveen, your "set of directions" are just what everyone needs for the conduct of their daily affairs as an water treatment professional. I highly recommend that everyone working for water treatment company read your books and listen to tapes on water."
Scott Carpenter, US Astronaut


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