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Water Treatment Books
Water Treatment Books Online

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Speciality Chemicals

There are many companies in the market place ,supplying the water treatment speciality chemicals.Speciality Chemicals bussiness is growing at very rapid pace . As an utility engineer , using speciality chemicals , you must be aware about following points . A well-designed water management programme (speciality chemicals ) for boilers and cooling towers needs to consider a number of factors.

Quality - Quality of product and supplier

  • Quality of chemicals and supplier
  • Quality of instruments and supplier
  • Technical Background of people
  • Test reports of products from a reputed laboratory
  • Past track record and established case studies at other plants

Technical Service – Well-trained and committed team

Ability and ease to test water samples

Ability to try and test various options

Proper Implementation

  • Inspect the system undergoing treatment and carry field analysis of water for pH, alkalinity, hardness, chloride, conductivity, TDS etc.
  • Prepare reports and discuss the findings for corrective measures.
  • Train the operators for on the spot analysis of water and maintaining the log book.
  • Establish parameters for usage of chemicals
  • Check the operating log book, for ensuring optimum chemical usage
  • Check if equipment is fed, bled and blown down as per equipment manufacturer’s instructions
  • Perform regular inspection of all the equipments
  • Discuss the performance and problems, if any, with concerned engineer/authority
  • Bring reference samples of treated water at R D for preparation of status reports, etc.
  • Establish chemical inventory and reorder points
  • Keep abreast of local, state and federal regulations and ensure your program meets all guidelines

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