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Water Treatment Books
Water Treatment Books Online

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State-of-the-art handbook of Industrial water supplies.

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Books on Cooling / Boiler Water Treatment



Welcome to watertreatmentbooks.com - Online Bookshop for books on watertreatment related material
Our Current Offerings
Wastewater Hydraulics: Theory and Practice
By : Hager, Willi H.
ISBN: 3-540-62998-X
1999 , Hard Cover , 647pp

List Price: Eur 192.55
Wastewater Treatment: Biological and Chemical Processes
By : Henze, M., Harremoes, P., Cour Jansen, J.l., Arvin, E.
ISBN: 3-540-42228-5
2002 , Hard Cover , 430pp

List Price: Eur 85.55
Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution 
By : David H.F. Liu, Bela G. Liptak
ISBN: 1-56670-511-8
2000 , Hard Cover , 160pp

List Price: $ 54.95
Chemical Water and Wastewater Treatment V
By : Hermann H. Hahn, Erhard Hoffmann, Hallvard Odegaard
ISBN: 3-540-64842-9
1998 , Hard Cover , 414pp

List Price: Eur 155.1
Handbook of Pollution and Hazardous Materials Compliance
By : Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Madelyn Graffia
ISBN: 0-8247-9704-3
1996 , Hard Cover , 520pp

List Price: $ 225
Process Engineering for Pollution Control and Waste Minimization
By : Donald L. Wise, Debra J. Trantolo
ISBN: 0-8247-9161-4
1994 , Hard Cover , 744pp

List Price: $ 235
Biotechnology for Waste and Wastewater Treatment
By : Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Ph.D.
ISBN: 0-8155-1409-3
1997 , Hard Cover , 233pp

List Price: $ 116
Handbook of Pollution Control Processes
By : Robert Noyes
ISBN: 0-8155-1290-2
1992 , Hard Cover , 758pp

List Price: $ 139
Hazardous Materials and Waste Management
By : Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Paul N. Cheremisinoff
ISBN: 0-8155-1372-0
1995 , Hard Cover , 265pp

List Price: $ 105
Environmental Pollution and Plant Responses 
By : Shashi Bhushan Agrawal, Madhoolika Agrawal
ISBN: 1-5667-0341-7
1999 , Hard Cover , 408pp

List Price: $ 89.95
The Industrial Wastewater Systems Handbook 
By : Ralph L Stephenson, James B Blackburn, Jr.
ISBN: 1-5667-0209-7
1997 , Hard Cover , 544pp

List Price: $ 109.95



Books on Cooling / Boiler Water Treatment